Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to Turn & Flip my mattress?

If it is a Single sided mattress then it only needs

to be Turned, if it is a Two sided mattress then it

needs to be regularly Turned, then Flipped.

How often do I need to Turn or Flip my mattress?

It is recommended that you regularly Turn, then

Flip your mattress during the first year and then four times a year thereafter.

Why is it recommended to Turn & Flip my mattress?

Regularly Turning & Flipping your mattress will help reduce body impressions and greatly increase the longevity of your mattress.

Which side of the mattress is the Warm side?

The Label side is the Warm side, and the underside is the Cool side.

Can you feel the Woolen tufts?

Yes, it is possible to feel the Woolen tufts, but the use of a good quality mattress protector will virtually eliminate it.

Do I have to use a Mattress Protector?

Yes, it is imperative that you use a Mattress Protector as any stains on your mattress will invalidate your Warranty.

Are your mattresses Hypoallergenic?

All of our Mattresses are suitable for people with allergies, as wool is naturally Hypoallergenic.

Why do you use Tufts?

The tufts in a mattress help ensure the natural fillings inside your mattress stay in place during use. Just as feather duvets often have pockets to keep the even distribution of fillings, our tufts act a little bit like pockets too.

Can I put the Mattress on a Bed Frame?

All the Mattresses are suitable for use on bed frames with a slatted base. The gaps between the slats should not be more than 3". If they are, you should consider using a baseboard or under mattress.

What is the best Mattress for a Bad back?

There is a common misconception that if you have a bad back you need a firm mattress but this is totally wrong information! The key to a comfortable night’s sleep is a mattress that is supportive so that the spine can align in a neutral position while you sleep, but you also need a mattress that is soft enough to contour to the shape of your body. 

How do I reduce body impressions?

We recommend following our rotating and turning instructions which you will find in your Mattress Care Guide, to minimise body impressions. As most people sleep in the same position every night, body impressions are a normal feature of handmade mattresses. You may find fillings settle or dip in the area where you sleep which can leave a ridge in the centre of the mattress. Just like the impressions that form on the insole of leather shoes, this is simply your mattress “getting to know you”.

Is it okay to Fold or Roll my Mattress?

No, Folding or Rolling your Mattress will potentially damage the Mattress and will invalidate your Warranty.

If the above does not answer your questions, please contact one of our Retailers in the Where to Buy section or see your Mattress Care Guide for further details.

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