At the Heart of our Mattresses

All of the springs in our mattresses are made by Harrison Spinks




Inside every mattress, there are several thousand miracles of Engineering at work.

Precision made High-Density Pocket Springs made with Titanium Alloy wire.

It's the most

Innovative Support Technology you'll find anywhere

in the World.

Technology that

makes every night's sleep

the best you've ever had.


Whats inside our Mattresses

Naturally Sourced Fillings

Sheep's wool, soft, springy and naturally supportive.

Wool helps to regulate your body temperature and is naturally anti-bacterial. 

Cotton is soft, absorbent and has strong wicking properties, perfect for keeping you cool.

Mohair is smoother than wool, and has a fine silky texture and which gives a more luxurious feel.

Flax is the fibre used to produce Linen, it is three times stronger than cotton.

All these Natural fillings provide comfort layers which are all working together

to achieve the ideal balance of comfort and support.


Bringing it altogether

The Pocket Spring units are

secured by hand side-stitching

them to the mattress borders.

This provides strength and

support to the very edge

of the mattress.

Sumptuous Natural fillings

are blended, then layered

upon the springs before adding

the naturally sourced Viscose

Woven Damask cover.

now and then tufting.jpg



All the Pocket Coil springs and

Natural layers of upholstery

are held in place with woollen tufts,

in the Traditional way, as it has

been done for generations.



Years of experience and time honored traditional techniques go into creating every mattress. 

Each and every mattress is hand built by our Master Craftsmen. Every component, every procedure and every technique has been refined and perfected over the years to ensure excellence in every aspect of our bed building and design.